After a trip to Senegal and living with a community there, we saw how at a certain time of day, the families gathered round a tree with beautiful shade to share time together. The tree was their place of re – union. Under the canopy of the trees, daily dramas and moving love stories were played out.

From Dora Daar we wanted to bring back the significance of gathering round a tree and sharing time together to root ourselves. Trees are connectors between the earth and the sky, rooting deep down into the earth and growing high to reach the light. They are our antennas of wisdom.

The Oráculo Carpet is specially measured for the tree that you choose to gather round and share your own stories with the ones you love. It has been designed as a circular space made out of the best quality of natural Spanish fiber (esparto) and can live outdoors during the warmer months of the year. It has a diameter of 4 mts and is braided during four days by wonderful old women in Spain that still carry the knowledge of this material.

Our body is our first home, our physical home is the second one. They reflect one another permanently. Our home is the mirror of ourselves. What we find outside, shapes the inside.

We want to approach the idea of a holistic connection with your space, a healthy living space that reveals harmony and balance. Your home should be a bridge towards a higher living. A home that connects you with nature and beauty as fundamental agents for healing.

From Dora Daar we want to weave a community that creates goods for soul making in your environment.