Our body is our first home, our physical home is the second one. They reflect one another permanently. Our home is the mirror of ourselves. What we find outside, shapes the inside. 

Dora Daar is a project about the connection with your space, a healthy living space that reveals harmony and balance. A home that connects you with nature and to beauty as fundamental agents for healing

From Dora Daar we want to weave a community that creates goods for soul making in your environment. We aim and deeply believe for a change in the way we produce and consume. 

We are engaged with the human being’s process behind each creation, thereby committed to fair trade. We like to think that each of our projects have a specific purpose that can elevate the daily ordinary to the extraordinary. 

We want to approach and re-think a system of beliefs connected to our home and therefore ourselves in the spaces we live in.

Dora Daar, founded by Nat Sly & Pepi de Boissieu, welcomes everyone to be part of this community, we firmly believe collaborations are a fundamental part of our project. Let’s transition from an “I” to “We” in the way of creating and manifesting.