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Happiness is an expansive wave, it is contagious, it leads to kindness, provokes healthy communities, it is the greater spiritual master. Happiness is Love. 

The story behind this happy talisman is one that a very special friend of Dora Daar’s called Chiquinho has told us. He likes to say that all of our happiest memories are stored in our “almendrita” (almond). 

The amygdala is the compartment of the brain primarily associated with emotional processes. The name amygdala is derived from the Greek word amygdale, meaning “almond”, owning to the structure’s almond like shape.

We created this Almond talisman to honor all of our happiest moments, to carry them with us wherever we go. A connection with our own divinity, that lies within. 

This Talisman reminds us how important it is to reach out to that almond compartment regularly and continue storing joyful moments with ourselves and with others.

How to use it:

Whenever you find yourself having a happy moment, laughing with others, feeling grateful for what surrounds you, reach down to your Almendrita and hold it tightly. Charge it with that moment and visualise your almendrita storing that memory forever.

The Almendrita is bronze cast from a real almond and gold plated. The chain is also gold plated.

2,5 cm x 1,5 cm aprox.


Photos by Claudia Maurino