Planetary Set by ATY Alquimia


Set of 7 -plant based- alquemic tinctures each one corresponding to a planet and a day of the week

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Alchemy is an ancient esoteric tradition. Alchemists of all ages sought the transmutation of their own consciousness.

“As above, so below; as below, so above” says The Kybalion

The Law of Correspondence helps us to visualize how the different planes are related in image and likeness: the cosmos, the earth and every living being. Following this law, plants present energetic correspondences with the stars. Alchemy seeks analogies between Nature and the Psyche, material realities that are a reflection of psychic and spiritual realities.

Spagyria, which is a branch of Alchemy, consists of separating, purifying and reuniting the Three Alchemical Principles: Sulfur, Mercury and Salt (Soul, Spirit and Body respectively). In the vegetable kingdom they correspond to essential oil, alcohol and mineral salts. The meeting of the Salt with the tincture (Essential Oil and Alcohol) is the great difference between a traditional mother tincture and a spagyric one, in how they operate. Alchemists consider that these medicines express the true healing potential of the plants in the three planes, and it is said that their properties can become a hundred times more potent.

The Planetary Set consists of 7 Spagyric Tinctures. Each one was worked on the basis of a plant in correspondence with a planet. The intention is, through its consumption day by day and week after week, to bring to light one’s inner planetary energies and contribute to its balance. These spagyric tinctures help us to recognize and enter into harmony with the rhythms of nature and therefore connect with our own rhythms because “as within, so without”.

Any inner or spiritual quest must have its correlate on the physical plane. The aim is to work with matter in cooperation with the inner work.

ATY – meeting in Guarani – is an alchemical laboratory founded by the biologist Justo Sanchez Elia. His work aims at a synergy between ancestral knowledge and the vanguard of science in pursuit of an awakening of consciousness.