Workshop #1 by Astrology for Artists x Dora Daar
“The home, the soul, and the roots of your being”

Date: 11-11-2020
Modality: Zoom

“Who looks outside dreams, who look inside wakes”, Jung

What type of atmosphere do you create in your house? What qualities do you need at home in order to feel safe? Some American Indians believed that you opened your soul to someone when you invited them into your home.

This workshop is an invitation to discover and learn about the Fourth House in your astrological chart. This house is associated with the Zodiac sign of Cancer. It’s also known as the IC (meaning ‘lowest heaven’ in Latin). It relates to home, ancestry, but most importantly, it illustrates where we go when we settle back into ourselves, what we are like deep inside. The fourth house is where the self finds stability and safety – it’s your base, your foundation. At home we are at our most private and most hidden from the world. At home we walk with holes in our socks and wear our oldest clothes.

Our home is our place of retreat, our sanctuary.

How important is it to learn how to flourish within your most personal space? Particularly during this period of uncertainty where we are a great part of our time at home. We invite you to connect with your home through astrology, ritual and storytelling to cultivate a more spiritual relationship at home.

Join us and discover your inner landscape. Our soul, our deepest source of life, is pure creativity and tapping into our being can transform our experience of life and ultimately find happiness in small things.

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