Workshop #3 Meditative Drawing by Vivir con Arte



Meditative drawing  is a visual technique for training attention and awareness, putting the mind in a calm and stable state, and exercising your creative muscle.

During this workshop Vivir con arte will teach us short and effective techniques to connect our attention and awarness within through meditative drawing. Mastering our attention through movement, form and repetition using a pen, paper, your breath, and a series of muscles in your body, you can achieve in a short period of time, a meditative/mindfulness state.

The practice of drawing of forms and shapes is the trace of movement. It places us in space, it gives us a sense of center. We are our own center on earth, and through this type of drawing, that is continuos,  we can draw the trace of movement from that center.

Drawing shapes and continuos forms, balances us and helps us center ourselves in space. We are able to learn and make visible the movement of all living things that surround us.


Online workshop. Link will be sent via email, upon payment and subscription.

Duration: 45 Min

Day: 25th of October

Time: 8pm (Spain)

Price: 25€