Altarcito #1, Barcelona

Everything on the planet, including animals, plants and water are made from atoms which produce, emit and receive energy which operates at a specify frequency.
The body resonates at a frequency between 62 to 72 Hertz when it’s healthy. This frequency can drop due to environmental and physiological factors: our inmune system is compromised and disease (mental and physical) is more prone to develop.
Altarcito is an installation to remind us about this invisible liaisons regarding our own energy and the limited understanding of the intangible we have. The Phycocyanin algae gives your body the highest vibration possible when you eat it, raising your cellular frequency over 70 Hertz.

People were invited to have a moment by themselves in front of the installation and then peel one longan fruit, dust it with Phycocyanin and eat it in order to raise their frequency

Project in collaboration with Après Ski

Photo credits: Mar Ordoñez