I to We

We believe that we need to swift from a more “I to WE” way of connecting, creating, reacting and thinking. 
We are all mirrors of each other, what is in the outside is in the inside too. What I see in you, it’s in me and what you see in me it’s in you. This is such a powerful tool if we start to understand the force that we have in unity. 
For this, we thought about a evening to share and to experience these ideas when “Linnea Lund” a beautiful Swedish sustainable cashmere brand invited us to design a dinner gathering at their store in Paris.
We made a circular napkin with different vintage napkins that went around the table and guests were encircled by it. When someone used the napkin, the rest became aware of that person’s movement. 
We connected with cashmere threads the glasses of the person in front of you, drinking became a mirroring game
Finally we presented our new object: “ I to We Pot” : a multiple serving teapot for serving a delicious herbal tea to close the evening