Sambun arts festival, Thionk Essyl, Senegal.

Sambun Arts Festival took place in Thionk Essyl, Senegal during the month of June, 2021. The foundation “Foundawtion” whom are actively engaged in the construction of schooling projects and buildings in Thionk Essyl, where in charge of creating this event in order to approach and inspire education through art and cultural exchange.


Dora Daar participated as curators for the festival and producing the five day workshops in the town with a final exhibition showing all the works together at Cem Kamanar, the school made by Foundawtion.

Sambun, meaning to ignite fire in Diola, is an Afro -European biannual festival that aims to mix cultures nurturing each other through art. The festival invites artists from Africa and Europe to give a workshop around a theme chosen by each artist so that everyone from the village can sign up to whatever workshop they find interest in.

During that week, visitors and participants  fully immersed into local culture, dance, music, rituals and food.

The artists invited for this first edition where:  Alioune Diouf,  Berta Ivanow, Kane Sy & Muhsana Ali, Guillermo Santomà, Pascal Nampémanla Traoré, Albert Moya and Seni Awa Camara.

These images taken Claudia Maurino reflect how vibrant and magical this week was.

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