Sobreiras Amarelas

In 2020 after the changes we felt were happening in the world and we started to conceive our project Dora Daar, we also decided to find a piece of land in Portugal in-able to connect and share outdoors,  valuable moments that would build memories.
We wanted to have a full immersive experience in nature. Slowly but surely everything started coming together in order to live this dream and create a place where we could understand the beauty that exists in such simplicity.
This summer we put up these wonderful tents that sheltered us and gave us fantasy and dreams. Every day that went by taught us that living with lightness and beauty, surrounded by our community of friends and family is what truly inspires a path of well being and happiness, where nature is the masterpiece for stimulation and inspiration.
This is our personal lifetime project and we wanted to share it with you.

All these beautiful pictures were taken by Claudia Maurino.